Charles P. Allen High School

CPA First Day

We are excited to welcome back all of our students on Wednesday, September 5. Here are a few important things to know.

Bussing: All students who are bussed to CPA must register with their student IDs on Stock Bus Planner. You will need to do this in order to get the bus.

Where do I go?: Upoin arriving at school, students will look up their name (listed on the bulletin board beside the main office). There you will find your home room. This is where you will proceed at the bell. Your home room teacher will have your printed schedule/timetable.  If it says Guidance next to you name, you have a free first block and should get your schedule from guidance (room 242).

Schedule: Tomorrow we will be following Day Monday (ABCD), Thursday will be Day Thursday (CDBA) and Friday (which rotates each week) will once again be a Day Monday (ABCD)

PowerSchool information: We are receiving an overwhelming number of requests for PowerSchool accounts during this busy time. These requests will be answered over the next couple of weeks when possible. Requests can be made to  Note that any students coming from junior high schools or high schools within the Halifax Regional Centre for Education (formerly HRSB) should already have a PowerSchool account that will be the same as the previous school attended.

Lockers, IDs, Etc: Students will be called by homeroom to pay their student fees and will then receive their locker and have their picture taken for their school ID.

Fun Stuff: Free BBQ at lunch in the bus loop tomorrow!!