Charles P. Allen High School

CPA First Day - Tuesday, September 7

Welcome back!

On Tuesday, September 7 when you arrive at school, you will go to your D Block classroom. You can find where your D Block class is in PowerSchool, but if you are not sure, lists will be posted by the Library and on the second floor by your last name and will show you your D Block class. This is where you will receive your semester 1 schedule.

Students in grades 11 or 12 who have a Free Block during D can pick up their schedule in the student exchange area (across from the main doors).

Course changes will be extremely limited due to CPA being at full capacity, but students who want to make a course change request can do so by filling out the course change Google form in their graduating class Google Classroom beginning Tuesday, September 7 and ending Thursday, September 9 (end of day). 

Are you new to CPA and would like a virtual tour? Click here.  Also, please read our Welcome 2021-2022 Document and Student Handbook linked below.

We cannot wait to see you soon Cheetahs!