Charles P. Allen High School

January Exam Schedule With Conflicts

Click the links below for the January Exam Schedule, Student Exam Information, Exam Expectations and Procedures and Exam Room Locations.

Exam Procedures During School Closure Due to Bad Weather

Please note that in case of a school closure due to bad weather during exams, the schedule is adjusted by advancing it one day for each missed day.

Example: If there is a school cancellation on Monday, January 23

  • All Monday’s assessments move to Tuesday, January 24
  • All Tuesday’s assessments move to Wednesday, January 25
  • All Wednesday’s assessments move to Thursday, January 26 and
  • The Friday Assessment and Evaluation (no school day) will move to Monday, January 30.

If there is a delayed opening, the morning assessment will be re-scheduled (to a make-up block) and the afternoon assessment will proceed as scheduled.