Charles P. Allen High School

Exam Exemption Procedures


An exam exemption is an attendance incentive for students who have near perfect attendance each semester.
A student may request to be exempt from no more than one final assessment/examination per semester provided the student has completed all major assessment components and meets the criteria listed below:

For a student to qualify for an exam exemption, the student must not accumulate any more than:
● 6 absences in any course in which the student is enrolled within any one semester
● 6 lates in any course in which the student is enrolled within any one semester
● 0 out-of-school suspensions (dating back to the beginning of the semester)
● Be in good academic standing in every class

What does “good academic standing” mean?
This typically means that you have completed all of your major assignments and tests. All of your teachers must be in agreement if you are to obtain an exemption.

Therefore, your teachers will be the people who determine if you are in good academic standing – if you have not submitted a major assignment or project, or if you have skipped a test, then you have lost your exam exemption.

If you don’t know if you have an ‘unexcused’ or ‘late’, then log into PowerSchool and view your attendance records. If you require a PowerSchool account, please email to receive a login.

What exams cannot be exempt?

● NSVS Exams
● Students cannot exempt the Grade 12 common exams. We will follow the same expectations as if these were provincial exams
● Pre IB students cannot exempt exams in core courses English/Math/French/History/Science. IB students cannot exempt any exams.
● Process Exams cannot be exempt
● Grade 10 Math and Grade 10 English cannot be exempt (see list below)

Course Exmptible Non Exemptible
Math Essentials x  
Math at Work 10   x
Math 10   x
Math Essentials 11 x  
Math at Work 11   x
Math 11   x
Pre-Cal 11   x
Math for the Workplace 12 x  
Math 12   x
Pre-Cal 12   x
Calculus 12   x
English 10   x
English 11   x
English Communications 11   x
English 12   x
English 12: African Heritage Lit   x
Advanced English 12   x
English Communications 12   x