Charles P. Allen High School

Youth Health Centre

What is the Youth Health Centre (YHC)?

Youth Navigation:
Public Health provides access to confidential, supportive conversations and when further resources are needed, we navigate those individual students to appropriate services. Youth health services are provided by other school supports and community partners.

Programs & Groups:
Public Health facilitates youth-focused groups, enhancing skills in planning, collaborating, health promotion, and leadership. These groups work to set priorities and actions to improve health in the school community.

Partnerships & Policy:
Public Health addresses the community conditions that influence health of youth. These interventions can have long lasting and far reaching effects on population health.


What reasons do youth visit the youth health centre for?

Feeling blue
Pregnancy testing
Issues at home
Stopping smoking
Feeling angry or stressed
Problems with relationships
Wanting to get involved
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
Information for projects
Referrals to community supports
Sexual orientation
Feeling confused about life
Lots more! Anything you want!

NOTE: If you need a copy of your immunization record, please call the immunization team at Public Health at 481-5890.  Have your date of birth and health card number available.  The school does not have access to immunization records.


Staff and Support Team

Jenn Richardson
Youth Health Centre Coordinator
Room 209 (across from the gym)
902-832-8964 Ext 9

Hours: 8am – 3:30pm Monday to Friday
(open during lunch)

Karrie Rayne, Cobequid Yoith Social Worker 
(by appointment)

phone: 869-6131 / fax: 869-6148
(Karrie is in on Thursday mornings.)

Support services are offered through the summer months. Please call/email Karrie to arrange for services during this time.