Charles P. Allen High School

Setting Up Your GNSPES Email/Cloud/Classroom Account

Email Account Set-up

New student accounts will not be created by a school-based email administrator. Students will require their Student ID number and birthdate to create their own account via the self-service link below.

Self-service creation of new email account:

        You’ll need your Student ID (300xxxxxxx number) and birthdate.
        Then go to
        Complete the presented pages

Email Access

Once the account has been set up, students will access their email at using their email username (see example below) and password created when they set up their account.

Example: Jeremy Lewis Matthews with student number 3000077002 will have email address:


Password Reset

If a student needs to reset a password they can do so via the self-service link at
Cloud Storage

All students have access to cloud storage for files. This storage is accessible from home, school, or any computer on the internet. It can be accessed at using their complete @nspes email address as the username and their new email password.

New Students

Students who are new to the NS Education system will appear in the NSPES system within about 24 hours of being registered and assigned a NS Student ID.



If you require support for your Email, Cloud and Moodle account, you must email: