Charles P. Allen High School

Staff Directory

The main school phone number for CPA High School is 902-832-8964
Use extension #1 for the Attendance Line to report an absence

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Due to teachers being in class during the day, working with students, emails are preferred.
Emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days when school is open.

CPA Main Number: 902-832-8964

Report an Absence: ext. 1
Main Office: ext. 0
Principal or Vice Principal: ext. 2
Guidance Office: ext 3
Athletic Director: ext 5
Caretaker: ext 6
Library: ext 7551141


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bird, Stephanie Principal 902-832-8964 ext. 7551002 Twitter
Aucoin, Tara School Counsellor for Student Surnames (Q-Z) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551006
Cordi, Riccardo School Counsellor for Student Surnames (E-LA) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551010
Cosgrove, Ryan Security 902-832-8964
Doherty, Jennifer Administrative Assistant (Main Office) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551000
Joudrey, Jodie Vice Principal for Student Surnames (E - La) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551005
Lowe, Annette Administrative Assistant (School Counselling Office) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551001
Luck, Trudy Administrative Assistant 902-832-8964 ext. 7551007
MacKay, Bruce Vice Principal for Student Surnames (A-D) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551003
Mahoney, Amy School Counsellor for Student Surnames (Le-P) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551008
Rodgers, Wayne Vice Principal for Student Surnames (Le - P) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551004
Smith, Holly 50% Administrative Assistant 902-832-8964 ext. 7551007
Stewart, Ian Vice Principal for Student Surnames (Q-Z) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551011
Swimm, Lori Dawn School Counsellor for Student Surnames (A-D) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551009
Woods, Andrew School Registrar 902-832-8964 ext. 7551022

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Allen, Andy Co-op Coordinator 902-832-8964 ext. 7551024 Website
Andrecyk, Mark Math Department
Angelopoulos, Teena Science
Aucoin, Sean Phys Ed
Bakes, Angela English
Beauchamp, Matthew Math
Bishop, Stacey Learning Centre 902-832-8964 ext. 7551332
Blenkhorn, Kent Social Studies
Boudreau, Brad Personal Development
Bucci, Tony Languages Twitter
Burns, Lori Mathematics
Burton, Rachel English Twitter
Cameron, Julie Personal Development
Campbell, Shawn Personal Development
Cavicchi , Sean EAL
Chipman, Andrew EAL (English as an Additional Language)
Conrad, Meredith Social Studies
Cosgrove, Michael Languages Department Head
d'Entremont, Roland Science
Dalrymple, Michael Floating Sub
Doiron, Melissa Music Website
Donaldson, Anita Resource for surnames Q-Z 902-832-8964
Downie, Liane Languages
Doyle, Greg Social Studies Website
Eleftheros, Danielle Resource (Le-P)
Evely, Craig Math
Favaro, Mandy Science
Gillis, Janet Science
Gray, John Mathematics Website
Gurholt, Jody Science
Hall, Chris Social Studies Website
Hall, Kathryn Science
Harris, Colleen Personal Development
Harris, Steve Physical Education/Athletic Director 902-832-8964 ext. 7551219 Twitter
Hayes, Brenda EAL (English as an Additional Language) (1:30-3:25 Mon-Fri)
Hill, Dolan Fine Arts and Technology/Yearbook Staff Advisor
Hirtle, Matthew Science Website
Joudrey, Jodie Personal Development Department Head
Kyle, Christian Science
Leadbeater, Calum Department Head: Fine Arts & Tech
Lease, Josh Science
LeBlanc, Krista Science Department Head Website
Lucas, Sheldon Personal Development & Careers
MacDougall, Karen Learning Centre/Student Services Department Head 902-832-8964 ext. 7551137
MacFarlane, Heather Fine Arts/Technology
MacLellan, Ian Mathematics
MacLellan, Jamie Mathematics Website
MacLeod, Graham Personal Development
Madill, Tracey Resource for surnames E-La 9028328964 ext. 7551140
Marchant, Kendra Science
Mawson, Mike Science
McCormick, Megan Science/Student Council Staff Advisor 902-832-8964 ext. 7551331
Millington, Jonathan Math
Murphy, Jordan Mathematics Website
Murphy, Paul Fine Arts & Technology
Nauss, Greg Languages
Nicholson, Patricia Fine Arts
Nielson, Heather Mathematics
O'Hara, Melanie Fine Arts Website
Peck, Aaron Languages Website
Piccott, Colin Options and Opportunities Coordinator 902-832-8964 ext. 7551308
Power, Stephanie English
Powers, Todd IB Coordinator for Student Surnames (A-J) & Social Studies Dept. 9028328964 ext. 7551232
Ramlogan, Tiffany Personal Development
Reid, Dionne Social Studies
Reid, Lisa Social Studies
Ritcey, Adriana Social Studies
Roach, Erin Resource for surnames (A-D) 902-832-8964 ext. 7551201
Ryan, Jennifer Social Studies Department Head
Ryan, Jonathan Social Studies/Student Council Staff Advisor 902-832-8964 ext. 7551339
Scallion, Steve Languages
Sealey, Michelle Math
Seymour, Courtney Science Department
Siegner, Aaron Languages
Smith, Yelena Languages/Cheetahs for Change Staff Advisor Website
Snow, Robin Social Studies
Stanley, Jenna Languages Website
Swan, Natalie Personal Development
Tam, Lily Mathematics Twitter
Thornton, Ryan IB Coordinator for Student Surnames K-Z and Science Dept. 902-832-8964 ext. 7551318 Website
Trindade Linero, Sara Languages
van Donkelaar, Patricia Math Department
Walker, Corey Learning Centre 902-832-8964 ext. 7551139
Wamboldt, Jeff (Matt Glover January - March) Social Studies
Weber, Francois Fine Arts / Technology Website
Wozney, Paul Languages
Young, Sally Math
Young, Shawn Mathematics Department Head Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abu El Hosn, Adele Educational Program Assistant
Borden, Mitchell African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker
Broderick, Kavan Mi'kmaw Indigenous Student Support Worker
Dauphinee, Cheryl Educational Program Assistant (EPA)
El Hajj, Antoinette Educational Program Assistant
Fitzpatrick, Melody Educational Program Assistant
Hammad, Hanan Educational Program Assistant
Hart, Paul Educational Program Assistant
Hull, Ryan Head Custodian
Kassim, Arwa Educational Program Assistant
Keen, Tracy Educational Program Assistant (EPA)
Liu, Fang YMCA Support Worker 902-832-8964 ext. 7551033
MacFarlane, Charlene Educational Program Assistant
Maurice, Linda Librarian 902-832-8964 ext. 7551141
Mitchell, Natasha Educational Program Assistant
Nooyen, Jennifer Educational Program Assistant 902-832-8964
Rayne, Karrie Youth Health Social Worker (Cobequid Youth Health Centre) 902-869-6131 Website
Richardson, Jenn Youth Health Centre Coordinator 902-832-8964 ext. 7551209 Twitter
Sarkar, Manidipa Educational Program Assistant
Saulnier, Stacey Educational Program Assistant
Smith, Emma SchoolsPlus Community Outreach Worker
Sultana, Afrin Educational Program Assistant
Taylor, Meg School Psychologist
Tobin, Meg Schools Plus Facilitator
Whyte, Chelsey Education Program Assisant
Wilson, Erika School Social Worker